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In order to complete the pre-project setup, which of the following is the MOST important task of the project sponsor?


A.     Obtain funding for the project.

B.     Provide quality review of the deliverables.

C.     Provide leadership to the project team.

D.     Obtain resolution of the application development issues.


Correct Answer: A




Changing the project schedule to prevent a known risk is an example of which of the following risk responses?


A.     Mitigation

B.     Avoidance

C.     Acceptance

D.     Transference


Correct Answer: B






Which of the following would be the MOST important objective of a kick-off meeting?

(Select Two).


A.     To educate team members on what will be expected.

B.     To give official notification for the project.

C.     To inform the project sponsor on what will be expected.

D.     To create a work breakdown structure (WBS).

E.      To develop the statement of work (SOW).


Correct Answer: AB




Three of the team members are having a conflict with each other. Which of the following steps

should the project manager take to minimize the conflict?


A.     Resolve the conflict by terminating the team members.

B.     Ignore the conflict and keep working on the project.

C.     Encourage the team members to resolve the conflict.

D.     Ask the project sponsor to resolve the conflict.


Correct Answer: C




A key stakeholder has asked the project manager to complete the project a week earlier than

expected. To accomplish this objective, the project manager will have to ask the project team to

work overtime, which will increase the cost of the project. Which of the following should be the

NEXT step?


A.     Ask the key stakeholder for more funding for the project.

B.     Ask the project team to work overtime to finish the project.

C.     Obtain an approved change control document before changing the project schedule.

D.     Agree to complete the project using the new schedule.


Correct Answer: C




A new project manager has been assigned to a high profile project. In order to determine project status, which of the following should the project manager do? (Select Two).


A.     Ask the key stakeholders for the project status.

B.     Leave a voicemail message to key personnel requesting the project status.

C.     Schedule a meeting with the team members to determine the project status.

D.     Send an email to the team members to request project status reports.

E.      Schedule a meeting with the project sponsor to determine the project status.


Correct Answer: CD




The project sponsor indicates that one of the key stakeholders is very unhappy with the project

schedule. The other stakeholders are happy with the schedule. Which of the following is the

MOST likely reason why the stakeholder is unhappy with the schedule?


A.     The stakeholder has unrealistic expectations.

B.     The project manager did not obtain buy-in from the stakeholder.

C.     The project manager did not discuss the schedule with the stakeholders.

D.     The project manager did not schedule the project team appropriately.


Correct Answer: B




Post-mortem analysis occurs in which of the following process groups?


A.     Closing

B.     Pre-project setup

C.     Monitoring / controlling

D.     Planning


Correct Answer: A




In pre-project setup, which of the following must be completed prior to validating a project?


A.     Project definition

B.     Preliminary SOW

C.     Project charter

D.     Stakeholder approval


Correct Answer: A





A project manager is presented with a change request for an ongoing project. Which of the

following would be the FIRST action?


A.     Update the project plan to accommodate the changes.

B.     Perform an impact analysis.

C.     Organize a stakeholder meeting to review the changes.

D.     Change the project scope to reflect the change request.


Correct Answer: B


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