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During the feasibility study, it is determined there are insufficient human resources to complete a

critical project. Which of the following should the project manager suggest?


A.     Increase the schedule so the resources will have more time to complete the project.

B.     Raise the budget to hire contactors.

C.     Start the project immediately and expect a lower quality of outcome.

D.     Delay the project until more resources become available.


Correct Answer: B




A WBS dictionary includes which of the following items? (Select THREE).


A.     Written description of activity to be performed.

B.     Wr
itten description of the strategic objectives.

C.     Estimated value of each activity.

D.     Identification of a task’s dependencies.

E.      Estimated time to complete each activity.

F.      Alternate tasks that could replace an activity.


Correct Answer: ADE




Before a change request is presented to the change control board, which of the following should

the project manager do?


A.     Suggest the board study the cost of the change.

B.     Evaluate the affect on all other parts of the project.

C.     Review the change request with the project sponsor.

D.     Request team member input on the value of the change.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following documents should be used to present the length of identified tasks?


A.     CPM

B.     Key event/activity list

C.     PERT

D.     Gantt


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is the MOST unreliable budget method?


A.     Expert

B.     Historical

C.     Top-down

D.     Bottom-up


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following should a project manager do for a team member who does not speak the

same language?


A.     Hire a translator to assist the team member in communicating.

B.     Communicate with the team member using translation software.

C.     Send the team member to training on the desired language.

D.     Ask for a replacement team member that speaks the same language.


Correct Answer: A




A project manager has decided to reduce the impact of a possible threat. Which of the following

risk response strategies BEST describes this action?


A.     Avoidance

B.     Exploiting

C.     Mitigation

D.     Acceptance


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following would MOST likely be included in a project scope document?


A.     WBS

B.     Quality metrics

C.     Risk responses

D.     KPIs


Correct Answer: D







A project manager has documented the work performance report will be emailed to each

internal team member. Which of the following information is needed in the communications



A.     Format

B.     Priority

C.     Method of distribution

D.     Frequency


Correct Answer: D




The project manager uses historical data to determine it takes two hours to install a piece of

machinery. The current project requires twenty of the same machine to be installed. The project

manager estimates it will take forty hours to install all the machines. This is an example of which

of the following estimating techniques?


A.     Parametric

B.     Bottom-up

C.     Rough order of magnitude

D.     Top-down


Correct Answer: A


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