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Your Privacy Officer has asked you as the IT administrator for the practice to help her fulfill the requirements under HIPAA regarding physical safeguards in the workplace. You could suggest a variety of different proposals that fulfill the requirements. Which of the following however might lead rather than prevent violations under HIPAA?


A.     All equipment containing PHI, such as testing machines, must require users to swipe their employee ID through the equipment to access it.

B.     All computers must have a lock latch over their power buttons, only available to authorized individuals.

C.     All computers must be secured to locations viewable by all staff members to prevent individual staff members from misusing authorized PHI access. All old computers and their components (hard drives, etc.) must be recycled.

D.     All computers must be securely locked to their workplaces.


Correct Answer: C




A member of your family is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and is unable to care for themselves at home. To which of the following healthcare facilities would you contact for long term care of this individual?


A.     Subacute Care Facility

Non-acute Care Facility

C.     Ambulatory Care Facility

D.     Acute Care Facility


Correct Answer: B




Your primary duty is to transmit protected health information electronically from your facility to a central database. You are performing this duty based on the regulation set forth by which of the following governing bodies?


A.     The Joint Commission

B.     Department of Health and Human Services

C.     National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics

D.     Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Correct Answer: C




You have the responsibility of insuring all patients’ medical records have the appropriate components and content. You must insure this by adhering to the guidelines set forth by which of the following publications?


A.     E1368

B.     E1392

C.     E1384

D.     E1357


Correct Answer: C




The Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare organizations requires a history and physical be dictated and transcribed within what period of time for chronic care patients?


A.     14 days

B.     7 days

C.     30 days

D.     24 hours


Correct Answer: C




Due to concerns with rapid changes in technology less use of magnetic tapes or CDs to backup information, your hospital is working to develop a policy to ensure continued access to electronic health information over time. Which one of these methods is NOT a good way to deal with aging electronic media?


A.     Use software independent forms for storage, such as document management systems

B.     Have a plan to reformat and migrate older records to new software or hardware systems.

C.     Maintain necessary software and hardware to read any old records, make sure that older versions of programs and operation systems are maintained somewhere to use if necessary.

D.     Print out in paper format information that might be lost in an electronic system and store paper copies.


Correct Answer: D







The Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare organizations requires a history and physical be dictated and transcribed within what period of time for acute care patients?


A.     48 hours

B.     12 hours

C.     6 hours

D.     24 hours


Correct Answer: D




Digital signatures from physicians are an important part of many electronic health information systems. Which of the following applications do use digital signatures? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Medicare certifications

B.     Remote site visit patient records

C.     Referrals

D.     Computerized Physician Order Entry


Correct Answer: ABCD




When working in a healthcare organization email communication presents special problems. Though a very useful tool, it can also present problems for an organization. Which of the following is NOT a potential problem regarding email communication?


A.     Protected health information must be encrypted in order to send PHI via email, in case an email is intercepted during transmission.

B.     Many emails regarding treatment, payment and business operations can by both HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley law be required to be retained as part of the legal record and stored for years.

C.     If any protected health information is going to be sent through email, authentication of the recipient is crucial for protection of PHI. Access control systems must be in place to authenticate sender and recipient of any email containing PHI.

D.     If patients request the service, email can be used for appointment reminders, prescription refill completion and other low-sensitivity messages.


Correct Answer: D




You are assigned the duty of converting the data included in a patient’s electronic health record from word data to number data for the purpose of statistical analysis. Which of the following duties have you been asked to perform?


A.     Quantitative Analysis

B.     Statistical Analysis

C.     Qualitative Analysis

D.     Master Patient Index


Correct Answer: A


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