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Which of the following agencies is responsible for accrediting, certifying and evaluating health care organizations to insure they are providing the highest quality of care?


A.     The Joint Commission.

B.     Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

C.     Food and Drug Administration.

D.     Department of Health and Human Services.


Correct Answer: A





Which of the following is defined as the patient’s right to control disclosure of his or her personal information?


A.     Confidentiality

B.     Conformity

C.     Privacy

D.     Data Security


Correct Answer: C




You are the privacy officer for a medical practice and are making sure that you have created and secured written business associate agreements with your business associates. With which of the following would you not have to create a BAA (Business Associate Agreement)?


A.     The data shredding company that destroys all PHI from patients no longer with the practice.

B.     The accreditation board for your local hospital who decides which of your physicians goes on their panel of emergency providers and may need to review PHI during this process.

C.     Your postal carrier who carries protected health information in the mail.

D.     Your practice’s malpractice lawyer who reviews PHI during case reviews.


Correct Answer: C

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One of your job duties is to review all delinquent medical records. You are required by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Organizations to perform this task at least once per which of the following time frames?


A.     30 days

B.     60 days

C.     90 days

D.     120 days


Correct Answer: C




While working in a private physician practice, you are asked to eliminate all unnecessary medical records. You can eliminate all medical records that are older that which of the following?


A.     4 years

B.     6 years

C.     30 years

D.     10 years


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following devices is used to read smart cards for user authentication?


A.     Punch Card reader

B.     Key fob

C.     Biometric reader

D.     Smart card reader


Correct Answer: D




While installing a printer in a newly remodeled office at a large physician’s practice, you consider what the best placement for the printer might be in order to protect patient’s health information. Which of the following is a good guideline for printer/fax/copier policy?


A.     PHI should never be printed on a shared or networked printer.

B.     PHI in hardcopy form should be disposed of as soon as possible.

C.     Printers and copiers used for printing of PHI should be in a secure, non-public location. If the equipment is in a public location, the information being printed or copied is required to be strictly monitored.

D.     Physical access to the printer should be restricted only to providers.


Correct Answer: C




Health plans and government programs may not always agree to pay for certain services. Medicare will not pay for services unless it believes them to be “reasonable and necessary”. Medicare guidelines state that a patient must be notified in writing that Medicare may deny payment for a particular service, as well as the reason for the likely denial, before service is performed. What is the name of this document? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Waiver of liability

B. &n
Advanced Beneficiary Notice

C.     Intent to Inform

D.     Payment Responsibility


Correct Answer: AB




In medical terminology, the suffix -otomy is used to describe which of the following?


A.     Study of

B.     To cut into

C.     Inflammation

D.     Disease


Correct Answer: B




You have been asked to analyze a patient’s medical record and design a numerical value to all services this patient has received. Which of the following tasks have you been asked to perform?


A.     Archiving

B.     Coding

C.     Scanning

D.     Thinning


Correct Answer: B


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