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Which of the following attacks can be mitigated by providing proper training to the employees in an organization?


A.     Smurf

B.     Social engineering

C.     Denial-of-Service

D.     Man-in-the-middle


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following work divisions is characterized by every member of the team performing a unique function, however, it is not performed in any particular sequence?


A.     Unilateral

B.     Unit Assembly

C.     Serial

D.     Parallel


Correct Answer: B




According to the American Hospital Association, which of the following types of hospitals are required to provide diagnosis and treatment for behavioral health disorders?


A.     Specialty Hospital

B.     General Hospital

C.     Rehabilitation Hospital

D.     Psychiatric Hospital


Correct Answer: D




What word is used in HIPAA regulation to describe all of these documents? Insurance claims, encounter information, enrollment and disenrollment from insurance plans, eligibility documents, payment and remittance devices, coordination of benefits and first report of injury?


A.     Health Plan Procedures

B.     Transactions

C.     Explanation of Benefits

D.     Patient Medical Record


Correct Answer: B




You are asked to make sure all computers and printers within your facility communicate properly.

This type of communication is an example of which of the following?


A.     Hierarchal Model

B.     WAN Technology

C.     LAN Technology

D.     Network Model


Correct Answer: C






You are riding in an elevator with several physicians discussing the care of a patient. The patient’s name is used in the conversation, which piece of legislation has been violated?



B.     Patient Bill of Rights

C.     MIPPA

D.     HIPPA


Correct Answer: D




You are a Network Administrator of a TCP/IP-based routed network. You want to configure a

Windows 98 computer so that it can connect to the computers in the local segments as well as the other segments of the network. Which of the following parameters will you need to configure TCP/IP to a network interface card (NIC)? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.


A.     IP address

B.     Default gateway

C.     Subnet mask

D.     MAC address


Correct Answer: ABC




You are about to undergo a surgical procedure, the physician explains the reasons for the procedure, the risks and rewards of the procedure and answers any question. Which of the following pieces of legislation has the physician followed?


A.     Safe Medical Device Act


C.     Patient’s Bill of Rights

D.     Informed Consent


Correct Answer: D








Which of the following devices does SCSI support? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


A.     Hard disk drive

B.     Sound card

C.     CD drive

D.     Tape drive

E.      Modem


Correct Answer: ACD




Which of the following should a user avoid while creating strong passwords for users?


A.     Inclusion of words found in a dictionary

B.     Inclusion of special characters

C.     Use of upper and lower-case letters

D.     Inclusion of the user’s personal information

E.      Inclusion of one or more numerical digits


Correct Answer: AD


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