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You are asked to design an information system in which the client-server platform is based on the following schematic. What type of architecture is incorporated within your information system?




A.     Three-Tier Architecture

B.     WAN Technology

C.     Two-Tier Architecture

D.     LAN Technology


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following measures the time a cathode-ray tube (CRT) electron beam takes to paint a screen from top to bottom?


A.     Bus width

B.     Dot Pitch

C.     Video RAM size

D.     Refresh rate


Correct Answer: D




One of the data fields within the HL7 specifications is for Provider Type. What does this mean?


A.     It’s the type of healthcare facility the patient is being seen in.

B.     Specifies the major grouping of the service or occupation of the practitioner.

C.     It’s the type of insurer providing insurance coverage for the patient.

D.     Specifies the seniority level of the physician.


Correct Answer: B




Information such as your name, date of birth and social security number are all considered to be protected health information. This information would fall into which of the following categories?


A.     De-Indentified Health Information

B.     Individually Identifiable Health Information

C.     Archived Health Information

D.     Demographic Health Information


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is a project management tool that is characterized by circles connected by lines to indicate the sequence of event?


A.     PERT Diagram

B.     Gantt Chart

C.     Venn Diagram

D.     Critical Path


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following agencies is responsible for protecting the well-being of all health care workers?


A.     The Joint Commission

B.     Food and Drug Administration

C.     Occupational Safety and Health Administration

D.     Department of Health and Human Services


Correct Answer: C









A visiting IT professional is at an OBGYN practice and has been granted access to the computer system, but not the practice’s paper records it’s previous system of charting for patients. It’s after standard work hours the IT professional is working late. He knows an ex-girlfriend used to be a patient at the practice and decides he wants to see her charts, since he can’t find her in the computer. What simple Physical Safeguard would help fulfill HIPAA by protecting against the IT professional from accessing the practice’s PHI?


A.     The paper records are in locked the mobile charting cabinets in the check-in area.

B.     The paper records are color coded.

C.     The paper records are locked in storage room.

D.     The paper records are kept in a series of drawers only known to the Privacy Officer.


Correct Answer: C




A dot matrix printer prints faded or light characters on the paper. What could be the most likely cause of the issue?


A.     Incorrect printer driver

B.     A print head pin that is stuck inside the print head

C.     Bad printer port

D.     Worn-out ribbon


Correct Answer: D




You are responsible for securing the network at a law firm. You are concerned about printer security. What steps should you take to prevent printer security breaches? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


A.     Remove the printer’s driver from user computers.

B.     Scan printer hard drives for spyware and viruses.

C.     Secure any administrative connections (SSH, Telnet, etc.) to printers.

D.     Limit print jobs.


Correct Answer: BC



Which of the following types of budget incorporates the budgets of each individual business unit?


A.     Organizational Budget

B.     Operating Budget

C.     Statistical Budget

D.     Master Budget


Correct Answer: D

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