Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y1-A19 Practice Test 31-40

Ensurepass  QUESTION 31 An administrator is not able to create virtual machines using Machine Creation Services   What caused this issue?   A. The `EnableVMTagging' flag is set to false B. A location was NOT designated for the virtual machines C. Active Directory computer accounts CANNOT be created D. The Citrix Tools for Virtual Machines Service is NOT running   Answer: C     QUESTION 32 In Desktop Director, which filter shows an administrator the number Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y1-A19 Practice Test 41-50

Ensurepass    QUESTION 41 Which two stroage technologies could an administrator use to set up a XenDesktop environment using Hyper-V? (Choose two)   A. VMFS B. Local Disks C. StorageLink D. Block Storage   Answer: BD     QUESTION 42 In a Provisioning services environment, what is the default location of the write cache if no location is specified manually?   A. RAM of the target device B. Local drive of the target device C. A subdirectory Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y1-A19 Practice Test 51-60

Ensurepass  QUESTION 51 An administrator needs to configure port exceptions to allow the collection of Windows metrics using the Windows Remote Management 2.0 service. Which port must the administrator allow for this environment?   A. 1494 B. 3389 C. 4752 D. 5985   Answer: D     QUESTION 52 Which HDX MediaStream policy setting must an administrator configure to adjust the quality of Flash content rendered on session hosts?       Citrix 1Y1-A19 Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y1-A19 Practice Test 11-20

Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 The Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) is not able to register with the Controller. Which two things must be validated to resolve this issue? (Choose two)   A. Errors are found within the Event Viewer of the VDA and the Controller. B. The SQL Client is installed on the VDA and can reach the site database C. IPv6 is enabled and bound to the network adapter used by the Controller D. The location of the Controller is specified correctly in the registry and DNS Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y1-A19 Practice Test 21-30

Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 Citrix 1Y1-A19 : Practice Test An end user informed the help desk that even though a USB device is plugged into the client device, the USB icon is dimmeD. Which two issues caused this to happen? (Choose two.)   A. The user is attempting to use an isochronous device. B. The USB drive was NOT mapped on the client device. C. The XenDesktop policy does NOT allow USB device redirection. D. Specific client user preferences for USB redirection were NOT set. Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y1-A19 Practice Test 1-10

Ensurepass  QUESTION 1 Which administrative role can manage catalogs and build virtual desktops?   A. Machine administrator B. Help desk administrator C. Read-only administrator D. Desktop group administrator   Answer: A     QUESTION 2 Scenario: An administrator needs to set up a XenDesktop environment that will utilize standard images from Provisioning services and host 500 desktops. The desktops will be hosted on blade servers with two solid state drives (SSDs) Read more [...]