Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 61-70

Ensurepass  QUESTION 61  (Topic 0)   Scenario: The Citrix Administrator for an environment learns that the service account credentials were compromised. The administrator decides to change the service account credentials to protect the environment from intruders. What should the administrator do to ensure that the old service account can no longer be used?   A. Run discovery after implementing the new account. B. Manually log onto all of the servers using the new service Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 71-80

Ensurepass  QUESTION 71  (Topic 1)   In an environment where there are multiple Presentation Server farms containing servers running the same published applications, how can an administrator determine the order in which farms will be used for file type association?           A. Set preference order for server farms. B. Set preference order for published applications. C. Set preference order in the Access Gateway appliance. D. Set preference order Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 81-90

Ensurepass  QUESTION 81  (Topic 1)   A user connecting to the corporate network needs to edit documents in the internal network using local applications. Which tool should a Citrix Administrator use to determine the action controls that are enabled for the resource?   A. Policy Manager B. Session Viewer C. Network Manager D. Resource Manager E. Windows Event Viewer   Answer: A     QUESTION 82  (Topic 1)   A Citrix Administrator wants users Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 31-40

Ensurepass    QUESTION 31  (Topic 0)   Scenario: A company currently has one Access Gateway Standard VPN appliance implemented. It is only used for VPN connections. There are plans to migrate to Access Gateway 4.5 Advanced Edition so that the gateway appliance can be used for VPN connections and ICA tunneling. In the new implementation, users will be able to communicate with internal servers using FQDNs, not IP addresses. In order to implement this, the administrator will need Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 41-50

Ensurepass  QUESTION 41  (Topic 0)   What are three settings that an administrator can configure per logon point for published applications? (Choose three.)   A. Sound B. Window size C. Window color D. Drive mapping E. Printer mapping F. Clipboard mapping   Answer: ABC     QUESTION 42  (Topic 0)         Scenario: An administrator is implementing Access Gateway 4.5 Advanced Edition. The implementation will be used primarily Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 51-60

Ensurepass  QUESTION 51  (Topic 0)   From which node in the Access Management Console can an administrator configure event logging?   A. Servers node B. Resource node C. Server Farm node D. Gateway Appliances node   Answer: C           QUESTION 52  (Topic 0)   Which connection settings should be configured if users are required to re-authenticate after their system goes into hibernation?   A. Authenticate after system Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 11-20

Ensurepass  QUESTION 11  (Topic 0)   Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring multiple Web Interface sites and wants to grant users access to three sites through a single logon point. The users will also be using different credentials to log onto each of the sites. The administrator also wants to configure credential caching so that the users can store their credentials for each of the Web Interface sites once they authenticate for the first time.   In order to ensure that Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 21-30

Ensurepass    QUESTION 21  (Topic 0)         Which setting should be configured in a connection policy if users will be granted access using the Secure Access Client?   A. Launch Secure Access Client if access allowed. B. Launch Secure Access Client in the default connection. C. Launch Secure Access Client and enable scripting on the client device. D. Launch Secure Access Client if access is allowed and launch logon scripts.   Answer: A   Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-308 Practice Test 1-10

Ensurepass  QUESTION 1  (Topic 0)   Scenario: An administrator configuring Advanced Access Control to use LDAP for primary authentication and authorization, needs to enable pass-through authentication in order for Active Directory credentials to pass automatically to applications. What must the administrator do to meet the requirements of this scenario?   A. Ensure that the same logon account exists for LDAP and Active Directory. B. Ensure that LDAP and Active Directory Read more [...]