Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 71-80

Ensurepass    QUESTION 71  (Topic 0)   Scenario: John, a Citrix administrator, needs to enable the synchronization of PDA devices for both local and remote users. Users will connect from the LAN to Web Interface.   Which two options allow John to accomplish this? (Choose two.)   A. In the Microsoft Management Console, John can add the Device Manager snap-in. B. In the Presentation Server Console, John can enable the automatic sharing of PDA devices in server Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 81-90

Ensurepass    QUESTION 81  (Topic 1)         Scenario: You plan on deploying the Program Neighborhood Agent Client to a group of pilot users. The pilot environment consists of three Presentation Server farms. How will these three farms be designated?   A. Users will select the farm names when logging in the first time. B. The administrator will specify the names of these farms in the Access Suite Console. C. The administrator will specify the names Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 91-100

Ensurepass    QUESTION 91  (Topic 1)   When applying a newly created policy to a farm, in which three ways can the policy be filtered? (Choose three.)   A. By farm B. By server C. By location D. By client IP address E. By user or user group   Answer: BDE           QUESTION 92  (Topic 1)   To ensure that users must access published applications through Start >Programs>My Company > Published Applications , which Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 41-50

Ensurepass  QUESTION 41  (Topic 0)   Scenario: A production company has Presentation Server enabled for local and remote users. All users belong to the "Production" user group. In addition, a remote user group is configured.   Several proprietary applications, which are critical to the organization's business, require audio. Remote users complain of degraded performance for these applications. The administrator limits the audio bandwidth for the remote users through a policy called Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 61-70

Ensurepass  QUESTION 61  (Topic 0)   Scenario: Your environment includes five servers running Presentation Server. Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer are published in the farm. Which SpeedScreen option should be enabled to optimize the image display responsiveness of sessions in which these applications are used?   A. SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration B. SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration C. SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration D. SpeedScreen Latency Reduction Manager Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 51-60

Ensurepass  QUESTION 51  (Topic 0)   Scenario: An administrator is configuring a Presentation Server environment for remote access. The Secure Gateway server and the server running Presentation Server will be   separated by a firewall that performs Network Address Translation.   In this scenario, Web Interface must be configured to use _____. (Fill in the blank with the correct option.)   A. normal addressing B. alternate addressing C. Secure Gateway with Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 21-30

Ensurepass  QUESTION 21  (Topic 0)         Which two tasks must be completed to ensure that an administrator receives Resource Manager alerts and Short Message Service (SMS) messages? (Choose two.)   A. Ensure that the administrator has full administration privileges. B. Add the administrator to the local administrator group for the server. C. Enable the Monitoring and Alerting permissions for the administrator. D. Specify alert contact details in Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 11-20

Ensurepass  QUESTION 11  (Topic 0)   When configuring authentication methods for a Program Neighborhood Agent site, which authentication method allows users to save their passwords upon login?   A. Prompt B. Smart Card C. Pass-through D. Pass-through with Smart Card   Answer: A     QUESTION 12  (Topic 0)         What are the three categories of Presentation Server administrator privileges? (Choose three.)   A. Special Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 31-40

Ensurepass  QUESTION 31  (Topic 0)   Which three types of persistent data are contained in the Presentation Server farm data store? (Choose three.)   A. License files B. User profiles C. Printer drivers and mappings D. Published application configurations E. Presentation Server administrator accounts   Answer: CDE     QUESTION 32  (Topic 0)         Scenario: Your environment includes Terminal Services mandatory profiles. Read more [...]

Download Latest (June) Citrix 1Y0-256 Practice Test 1-10

Ensurepass  QUESTION 1  (Topic 0)   Scenario: A farm at an architectural firm requires that users have access to a variety of networked speciality printers, including large format 1200 dpi printers for architectural drawings that require special drivers. For these printers, native drivers are installed. Remote users also have a wide variety of client printers.   Which universal printing policy setting is recommended for this environment ?   A. Use universal driver only Read more [...]